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Project Performance Variance

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With the use of the Project Performance Analysis techniques from the previous page, changes and trends can be identified. Once the analysis is completed, and values have determined whether the project is under / over budget, or ahead / behind schedule. A review must take place as to the why?

  • Is there a scope change?
  • If not, is there a trend?
  • Were the unit rates estimated too low?
  • Is poor productivity a factor?
  • Was there an impact due to weather?
  • Or is this just a random occurrence?
  • What particular scope is affected?
  • Does it affect the critical path?

The variance may need to be monitored over time to see if there is a trend in a certain direction. Once it is decided that it is not a random occurrence a Project Change Request will have to be submitted, describing the current trend and what is needed to get the project back on track.

WATT-TECH can help your project or organization set up each of these structures and processes, or review your existing process.

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