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"Unity is strength... when there is teamwork and collaboration, wonderful things can be achieved."

Mattie Stepanek

WATT-TECH can provide all Project Management Consultant services that your current project may require.  

Project Set-up

Correct project set-up is instrumental to overall project success. Our team will review the scope and recommend a WBS/OBS/CBS, as well as recommend any or all procedures required to facilitate correct data workflows.

Schedule Management

Schedule implementation is essential to all project management decisions. Essentially the schedule becomes the document of record for the project. It is used to forecast, manage change, risk, scope, and can provide evidence for future claims.

Project Budget

We will help facilitate the conversion of the project estimate into a manageable budget, which will be combined with the schedule plan to form the performance measurement baseline (PMB).

Procurement Strategy

After reviewing the overall project scope, we can recommend a procurement strategy, and implement a procurement plan to track procurement progress for the project.

Risk Management

Identifying and mitigating risks is a fundamental process that requires input from all project stakeholders. Watt-Tech can help facilitate the process, and run some what-if scenarios to help better understand the impact of these risks on the project.

Change Management

All projects succeed or fail largely due to their inability to manage change in the project. Project change can come in all shapes and forms, and it is of utmost importance to capture the changes and their impacts. We can provide and implement a change management philosophy to help govern the project.

Communications Plan

Many projects fail due to lack of communication. Email has its limits. We will recommend a solution based on the project break down that will facilitate proper communication and decision workflows. It will inform the correct "need to know" people, in order to speed up approvals and decisions.

Project Procedures

A gap analysis can be completed on any existing procedures within your project or organization and will provide a recommendation as well as a technical writer to fill all gaps identified.

Quality Auditing

Once procedures, plans, and policies are implemented, it is important that they are followed. A Quality audit plan can be developed and implemented to ensure that the processes are working and that they are being followed.

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