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Project Execution Planning

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Project Execution Planning, Strategy, and Development

The project scope, contract requirements, internal corporate requirements, and execution strategy provide the project team with the basis for the development of the project controls plan

The project scope should be supported by the following documents:

  • A Contract, complete with addenda, omissions and exclusions.
  • Any General and particular conditions.
  • The Project specifications.
  • The Scope of work (what is included and excluded).
  • Project control accounts.
  • All associated drawings.
  • The Bid price (estimate), estimate basis, risk / event log, and assumptions.
  • The Tender schedule

The execution strategy should describe and identify three (3) items:

  1. The type of work (new project, addition or expansion, revamp, relocation).
  2. The execution strategy, specifically whether the project is considered one of the following:
    1. Standard execution (standard workweek, spot overtime, non-shutdown)
    2. An aggressive execution approach (non-standard workweek, high overtime)
    3. Fast-track approach (engineering incomplete at the start of construction plus aggressive execution)
    4. Shut-down (planned shut-down, non-standard workweek, high overtime)
  3. The contracting strategy:
    1. Whether it is a self-perform, prime contractor, multiple contracts, alliance, or joint venture.
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