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WATT-TECH Ltd. - Project Management Consultants.

The Art of Getting it Done. We’ve Got Your Project.


Watt-Tech specializes in Consulting and implementing processes and procedures, in order to facilitate the setup, management, and control of your project. We firmly believe that a sound, solid foundation is key to overall project success. With the right systems and a flexible and expandable coding structure, access to the details that matter most can be brought to management in a timely manner. This will ensure that proper project decisions and mitigation can be made proactively. Watt-Tech can work with your current software solutions, or provide recommendations if needed for modules that will work within your company's current framework. We will strive to facilitate any project management consulting services you or your organization may require.

The 3 most important principles.

Project Planning

Project Execution Plan

Fitting together all the pieces at the very start of the project can form the correct foundation required to successfully complete a project. This requires teamwork. All team members need to review the following items: the project scope, contract requirements, internal corporate requirements, and execution strategy. This will provide the project team with all the basis they need for the development of the project plan.

Work Breakdown Structure


The coding structures:
(WBS) Work breakdown structure. (CBS) Cost breakdown structure. (OBS) Organizational breakdown structure.

Many companies have these available. Watt-Tech will review, and make sure they are all in alignment at a certain level within the Company or Project.


Performance Measurement BL

The (PMB) performance measurement baseline is essential to overall project control. It is a time-phased schedule of all the scope which is to be performed, the budgeted cost for this scope, and the organizational elements that produce the deliverables for the scope. This will provide the measurement basis for the project.

Follow through a more in-depth dive of our Project Set-up Philosophy.

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